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The Doctor Prince and the Outsider
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The Doctor Prince and the Outsider

Book Three

Sweet Royal Romance Suspense

The prince who always puts duty first. The computer genius who flips his military world upside down. A forbidden love that could tear the kingdom apart.

Prince Raymond August, second in line to his twin brother, is head of security and feels the weight of protecting his family and his kingdom deeply. He won’t let another tragedy occur, not after his own dear mother was murdered right under his nose. His pain and grief deepen his resolve to be ever-vigilant, no matter the cost. He especially can’t allow himself to be distracted by the beautiful woman assigned to protect his brother, even if every moment he spends with her feels more wonderful and right than the last.

When Macey Clifton is asked to fake an engagement to Crown Prince Tristan to protect him, she knows she’s not cut out for the royal world. She’d prefer to hide behind her large unnecessary glasses, frumpy clothes, and keep to her security analytics. But no other female warriors are available at the moment, so she agrees. To prove to herself that she really is brave, bold, and beautiful, she impulsively greets the prince with a kiss when she first meets him. To her great surprise, this most incredible kiss of the century turns out to not be with her fiancé, but with his twin brother, Ray.

Macey and Ray both try to fight their feelings, but can’t resist sneaking glances at each other. As they work together to solve the queen’s murder and protect the crown prince from anonymous death threats, they realize they are falling far too quickly in love.

Will their undeniable attraction, secret rendezvous, and forbidden love blossom into a happily ever after, or only cause a shattered brotherhood and longing for something they’ll never have?


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