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The Ninja Prince and the Investigator
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The Ninja Prince and the Investigator

Book Four

Sweet Royal Romance Suspense

A prince hiding from the truth. A female athlete trying to protect him. Can Ellery save Prince Derek and his family or will she only lose her heart?

Prince Derek has thrown his heart into the American Ninja Warrior circuit after he lost his beloved mother. He knew he couldn’t stay in Augustine and face his own pain or his family’s. When he meets the beautiful and tough Ellery Monson in the competition, it's love at first sight for him. Ellery flirts with him, but turns down every date offer. As they work together and become fast friends, Derek falls even more in love with her, but Ellery remains distant. How can Derek break through her walls?

Ellery Monson, the top female warrior, is tough on the outside, but about to break inside. She is in desperate straits with all the medical bills and expensive medications her mom needs, watching her mom suffer and decline, not to mention head over heels for Prince Derek, but she can never reveal that. Ellery has never taken a handout in her life and is determined to push through alone. There’s no way this Cinderella story is ever happening--she could never be a match for the perfect prince.

Prince Derek invites Ellery to attend his brother Ray’s wedding with him in Augustine and at first, Ellery declines. Then, a duplicitous woman convinces her to change her mind and accompany Derek under the pretense of protecting him from the murderous Hattie Ballard. Derek is ecstatic to finally have a chance with Ellery. And Ellery, determined to protect Derek, is blown away by how right it feels to be with him and wonders if maybe her Cinderella wish could come true.

Little does Ellery know, she's only a pawn. The danger she's bringing to Derek's family could upend the royals of Augustine and break Derek’s heart. Can Derek and Ellery outwit the threats, or will Ellery's love be Prince Derek's downfall?


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