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The Pursued Patriot
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The Pursued Patriot


Georgia Patriots Romance

A witty chef and an irresistible football player. If she pursues him, will she be framed as his stalker?

Shar Heathrow has idolized and fantasized about superstar Mike Kohler since college. When he shows up at her restaurant on Hilton Head Island, she flips out, and instead of convincing him to date her, she somehow manages to convince him that she’s his long-time stalker.
Mike Kohler thinks Shar Heathrow is hilarious, beautiful, and possibly disturbed. When he finds her yelling a pep talk to the dumpster behind her restaurant, he tries to cautiously back away but he can’t seem to help flirting with her and laughing at her funny antics.
When Shar finally thinks Mike is interested in her, the stalker strikes and sends them both into protective custody. Will this be their chance to connect or is the danger only beginning?


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