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The Royal Captain and the Designer
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The Royal Captain and the Designer

Book One

Christmas in Augustine

A darling American clothing designer and the Augustinian man of her dreams. Can Faith convince Levi this Christmas that she’s also the perfect woman for him?

Faith Radisson, a sweet, yet stubbornly independent clothing designer, knew the moment she met Captain Levi Favor that he was meant to be hers. Faith is convinced Levi is harboring the same emotions as her. She is thrilled to be spending Christmas at the Augustine castle, with Princess Kiera by her side Levi will have to let down his guard. But every time Levi gets close to revealing his true feelings, he quickly puts his guard back up. Faith wonders if she is just imagining the connection she feels with Levi, and if he’ll ever fall for her.

Captain Levi Favor of the Royal Guard is loyal, dedicated, strong, and very alone. Being responsible for the death of the two angelic women who loved him, he carries the burden of guilt and grief deeply and has kept to himself ever since. When Faith comes into Levi’s life shining with joy and hope and innocence, he forces himself to keep his distance. Levi couldn’t bear to extinguish Faith’s light with the darkness inside of him. Yet, with each day they are together, it grows harder for him to resist his feelings for her.

Princess Kiera, who adores Faith, is determined to help this Christmas romance happen. Unfortunately, most of the young princesses’ ideas backfire and seem to put more strain between Faith and Levi than before.

Will Princess Kiera find a way to make Christmas magic happen at the castle or will Levi and Faith both end up with broken hearts?


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