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The Royal Major and the Executive
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The Royal Major and the Executive

Book Eight

Sweet Royal Romance Suspense

A charming major that nobody believes will settle down. A successful businesswoman who won’t let him break her heart again. Will Chad ever get a chance to convince Hope that she’s the one for him?

Major Chad Prescott is known throughout Europe for his charm and dating prowess. Nobody knows the truth—he fell for Hope Radisson three years ago during a fabulous weekend together, only to have her dump him the next day. Heartbroken, he’s tried dating a myriad of women to forget her, but realizes over and over again that Hope was the one for him. Chad has gradually charmed his way into a solid friendship with Hope, mostly thanks to her sister’s scheming to get them together. Will anything break through Hope’s walls or is Chad destined to remain only friends with the woman of his dreams?

Hope Radisson, a fiercely independent entrepreneur, fell for the charming Chad Prescott the moment she met him. But when she discovered Chad cheating on her the day after their enchanting weekend together, she locked the doors to her heart. Hope gradually lets Chad back into her life, but forces herself to remain distant. Her heart yearns to be with him, but she knows she can't give in. Chad begs her to attend the wedding of Prince Malik and Sophie Peterson in the gorgeous kingdom of Augustine. She knows she shouldn’t go, but how can she possibly turn him down?

Danger is lurking even at a royal wedding. In the midst of the upheaval, can Chad rescue Hope and somehow win her heart again? Will Hope find the courage to even give him the chance?


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