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The Stealth Warrior
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The Stealth Warrior


Hawk Brothers Romance

A Navy SEAL returned from the dead . . .The world-renowned dancer he left behind . . .

Creed Hawk was imprisoned in Syria for three months. The only thing that kept him fighting for freedom was knowing that Kiera Richins, the love of his life, would be waiting for him. When he’s finally released, he finds her . . . in the arms of another man. He throws himself into a new job tracking a sadistic escaped convict through Mexico. He finally finds the suspect in Cancun, and to his astonishment, Kiera—dancing with the dangerous man. His new plan is to rip the man apart, kiss Kiera senseless, and send her safely home to America so he can forget her once and for all.

Kiera was devastated when Creed was killed, but she kept fighting for her dream of world-class dance star for him, because he always believed in her. When she hears the miraculous news that he has survived, joy soars in her heart. But when he doesn’t come for her, she falls completely apart, abandons her escalating dance career in America, and runs away on a foreign tour. Anything to escape all of the painful memories of Creed. It seems to be semi-working, until late one night, none other than Creed Hawk appears to rip her heart out all over again.
Can Creed and Kiera overcome months of pain, separation, and misunderstandings, or are they each destined to despise the one they once loved?


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