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$50 Giveaway!

I'm thrilled to announce my new Sweet Royal Romance Suspense series! I had the best time creating this royal family and the gorgeous setting in the Swiss Alps, using the Neuschwanstein Castle as my inspiration.

Enter below to win a $50 Gift Card Giveaway to celebrate Book #1 The General Prince and the Nerd's release! Click here if Rafflecopter is not displaying correctly.

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Excerpt: The General Prince and the Nerd

Macey made the mistake of glancing down. She’d never been afraid of heights, but it wasn’t just the eight stories—the earth fell away from the castle beyond that miniscule grass spot. If she slipped, they’d never find her body. She swayed on her heels. This was not a good idea.

Hands wrapped around her waist—large, manly, beautiful hands—and she was lifted back onto the patio and spun into a very solid, very well-built chest. She gasped at the exhilarating sensation of this man holding her close. It was as thrilling as standing on that patio ledge and almost dying. Safer yet more exciting.

She glanced up into her rescuer’s face. Oh, my.

It was him. The crown prince. The man she was supposed to be engaged to.

He was even more handsome than the online photos. His eyes were the most glorious blue, bluer than the sky above or the mountain lakes below. She was lost in those eyes.

His generous mouth quirked in a smile. “We generally don’t encourage our guests to follow Kiera down one of her tubes of death.” His accent was cultured, smooth, and swoon-worthy. He was a prince all the way through.

Macey couldn’t resist smiling in return. “I was trying to be brave, bold, and beautiful.”

He chuckled at that. “I can see you are easily all three.”

Macey’s insides melted like the gooey warmth of brownies fresh out of the oven. Gage and Sutton had tried to encourage her to be brave, bold, and beautiful, but this gorgeous prince could ‘easily see’ she was all three. She’d been afraid she’d be awkward and he’d be stuffy. Amazingly, the opposite was true—she felt safe in his arms, comfortable and more attracted to and excited about a man than she’d ever been. He smelled like the most delicious combination of musk and bergamot with a hint of apples.

She decided to act exactly as a brave, bold, and beautiful woman would—a woman who’d just met the most delectable man in the world, a prince at that, and the prince she would be engaged to. Might as well greet him boldly, as if they truly were engaged.

Arching up on her heels, she slid her hands around his neck and pressed her lips to his.

Prince Tristan startled for a brief second, a very brief second, and then he wasted no time returning the kiss. He returned it with gusto. His lips produced a tingling sensation that seemed to encompass her entire body.

Her prince slid his arms around her back, pulled her flush against him, and took command of her entire world as he kissed her. He kissed her so thoroughly Macey had no clue which way was up, and she was pretty sure she was floating. She would’ve floated right over the balcony if his strength hadn’t anchored her to him.

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