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$.99 Navy SEAL Romance Sale

📷We've got a huge Navy SEAL Romance sale for you today! If you've missed any of these stories they're only $.99 today and several collections are discounted. Most of the $.99 sales are only in US and UK so please check prices before you buy. Hugs and thanks, Cami📷Buy The Tough Warrior Now for $.99📷Buy Cami's Military Romance Now for $5.99📷Buy Jeniffer's Military Romance Now for $4.99📷Buy The Reckless Warrior Now📷Buy The Rogue Warrior Now for $.99📷Buy The Broken Warrior Now for $.99📷Buy The Legendary Kent Brothers Now for $4.99📷Buy The Fearless Warrior Now for $.99📷Buy The Honorable Warrior Now for $.99📷Buy The Honest Warrior Now for $.99


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