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Do Date Your Handsome Rival

Happy dance today, my new Jewel family romance is out!

I love Luke and Mar. She is seriously sassy but so in need of the right person to love. Luke is hurting and oh how needs Mar :). I hope you love the book!

Hugs and healthy wishes to you,


Feisty underdog takes on mysterious billionaire in this fast-paced romance full of secrets, action, and love. Alone, unloved, but never without her pride, can Marietta Valez stay immune to the handsome Luke Jewel or will she fall prey to his blue eyes just like every other woman? Luke Jewel has secrets not even his family knows about. He hides behind his playboy reputation and his myriad of successful businesses. He has no plans to settle down, but then he's never met the likes of Marietta Valez before. Can the fiery brunette take down the billionaire entrepreneur? Find out in latest Jewel Family romance by Cami Checketts.


Marietta pulled in a quick breath as the two men stopped what looked like an intense conversation and turned to focus on her and Paisley. Luke and his father both grinned widely at the little girl and opened their arms. She ran to Luke first and gave him a tight squeeze around the neck. Mar’s heart squeezed too. He was great with children.

“Aunt Rach told me to bring her to you.” She smiled impishly back at Mar.

Mar’s eyes widened and her stomach fluttered as Luke gave her a significant look. Mar wasn’t surprised that Rachel was matchmaking. She liked Luke’s feisty younger sister.

“Oh, she did?” he asked Paisley.

“Yes, sir.” Paisley then leaned out of her uncle’s arms, and her grandfather easily caught her and held her. “Papa,” she said, all innocent sweetness. “Mama said I could put my toes in the ocean, but only if you come with me.”

“Well we’d better go put our toes in the ocean, then.” Peter Jewel, internationally acclaimed billionaire, looked like a much younger man as he set his granddaughter on the sand and took her hand. “Excuse us, please.” He nodded to Luke and Marietta, a knowing look in his eyes as he glanced between them. 

“Of course,” Marietta murmured, but she had no clue what she was going to do when left alone with the intriguing and too-handsome Luke.

For a moment, they simply stared at each other. Marietta couldn’t pull her gaze from his blue eyes. He looked interested in her, but there was also a wariness behind his gaze that surprised her. His reputation was that of a playboy, but he didn’t give off that aura. He seemed as driven to be successful as she was and she didn’t imagine he wasted much time on meaningless relationships. 

When he still didn’t say anything, she murmured cordially, “Good to see you.” Then she turned and tried to stride through the blasted sand with her head and shoulders straight and proud. That was one thing foster care had taught her well: never show weakness.

She heard him coming behind her and looked over her shoulder right as Luke wrapped an arm around her waist and lifted her out of the sand. She looked up into his handsome face and asked, “What are you doing?”

He grinned. The beauty of it stole the oxygen from her lungs. The skin around his eyes and mouth crinkled, and he looked irresistible but also approachable. Maybe he was only human, not descended directly from Mt. Olympus.


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