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Do Kiss the Superstar - New Release!

Caleb's story is here! I giggled as I wrote this book, but I have to warn you there are some heart-wrenching parts as well. I hope you love it! Thanks so much for all the support.

Hugs and happy reading,


Spunky mom meets irresistible superstar in this fast-paced, clean romance. Caleb Jewel has it all: fame, fortune, family, fans. When he meets the beautiful Emily Gehring and her son, Krew, he falls for the duo hard and fast. There’s only one problem—she promised her ex she won’t date for a year, and he promised he won’t take their son for his custody visits. Emily will do anything to protect her little boy from being alone with her ex.  Caleb will have to forget about his jokes and pranks and exercise self-control nobody believes he has, or risk losing the only woman who’s ever tested his patience and made him fall in love.


Caleb found himself drawing closer to watch them and then stopping in the middle of the sidewalk about thirty feet away. His brothers would say he had no shame, openly studying this beautiful woman and her charge. Was she the babysitter, or an aunt or older sister? He should’ve kept walking, but there was something about the pair that drew him in—something besides the woman’s gorgeous face.

“Okay, Krew, you ready?” she asked.

“Any day now,” the little man said.

“Don’t you sass your mama,” she said as she chucked the ball at him.

Caleb’s eyebrows went up as he internalized several new facts. She looked too young to be a mom, she wasn’t going easy on the kid, her Southern accent was alluring, and she was a horrible throw.

The little man, Krew, instinctively jumped, lifting his stick high above his head and snatching the ball out of the air. Caleb was both surprised and impressed. The kid was holding the stick like a newbie, but he had the makings of an athlete.

“Yes!” Krew celebrated. “Your awful throws are making me clutch, Mama.” He lobbed the ball back at her.

“Clutch?” Her brow wrinkled as she caught the soft pass easily with the mitt.

“Good, really good,” he explained.

She laughed, and Caleb found himself laughing with her. He liked these two.

At the sound of his laughter, the woman whipped around and narrowed her eyes at him. She looked him over, and though she didn’t show it, he knew she had to like what she saw. It was a given. Every woman thought he was attractive.

Dropping her glove to the ground, she put a hand on her hip and said with the most beautiful Southern sass he’d ever heard, “Take a picture; it’ll last ya longer.”

Caleb laughed harder. “I’d love a picture, but your husband might not appreciate me taking it.” Please let there not be a husband. Maybe that wasn’t a great thing to pray for. It would definitely be better for this beautiful woman and her son if they had a fabulous husband and father in the picture, but that would make the instant attraction Caleb had felt to this woman inappropriate. He was often doing things that were crazy or outside the norm, but he respected his own mother, prided himself on his integrity, and loved the good Lord. He wasn’t about to mess with a married woman. He had hordes of single women to choose from. Still, there was something about this woman that drew him like a bear to honey. Her full lips would taste like sweet honey—he was sure of it.

Her delicate brow squiggled, and she tossed her long, dark hair. “I don’t have a husband, so snap away.”

Caleb smiled. “I think I will.” He switched his lacrosse stick to his left hand and pulled his phone out with his left, clicking on the camera icon.

“You wouldn’t dare,” she taunted him. “Snapping pictures of strange women in a park? You know that ain’t right.”

He loved her manner of speech and her feisty personality. “Don’t call yourself strange. I think you’re fabulous.”

She stuck her tongue out at him, then winced when he lifted his phone and took a picture. “Are you kidding me right now? Delete that. I probably looked horrible.”

He examined the picture he’d taken. “Nope, you pretty much look gorgeous.” It was the truth: she was super cute, even with her tongue out. He looked back at her. “Just like you look right now.”

She tilted her head down and cracked an embarrassed smile. Since her skin was that perfect creamy mocha color, it was hard to tell if she was blushing.

“Mama.” Her little man had crossed the field to her and now tugged on her hand. “Mama!”

“What is it sweet honey child?” she asked, kneeling down and putting her forehead against his to show him he had all of her attention.

Caleb’s smile widened, and his heart melted. It was a cheesy feeling, but the interaction between mother and son was music to his ears, and he wouldn’t soon forget this appealing image of them together.

“Mama.” Krew glanced over at him with wide, worshipful eyes. “That’s Caleb Jewel.”

The woman rocked back on her heels, her head whipping around as she stared at him. “Oh my saints above, it is!” She stood quickly and took her little man’s hand in hers. “Krew has a picture of you on his wall. He watches clips of you over and over again on my phone. We’ve been to your games. I just never imagined seeing you in a park like you’re a normal human or something. Oh my, I’m beside myself!”

Caleb grinned. This was more like it. He’d loved her teasing with him, but he’d never turn down a gorgeous woman and her cute son worshipping him. He pocketed his phone, bent down, and extended his hand. “Nice to meet you, Krew. I’m Caleb Jewel.”

“Don’t I know it!” Krew shook Caleb’s hand, looking at him as if he’d hung the moon. “You’re the best middie in the NLL.”

Caleb chuckled. “Thanks.” He straightened and offered his hand to the woman. “Pleasure to meet you. Caleb Jewel.”

She put her hand in his, and he loved the feel of that soft palm and her long fingers against his.


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