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Do Rely on Your Protector

Love interrupts their plans. Will they change course or miss out on their chance at happiness? An independent woman focused on protecting her brother; an X-games superstar knocked out of his element. Can he shelter and love her, or will pride wreck their hopes of true love?

“It was an honor to meet you,” she said, hoping she sounded educated and not like the girl who’d grown up in a trailer home in Idaho. She brushed past him toward the massive cabin.

“Wait.” Seth put a hand on her arm, stopping her. 

Her arm felt so good with him touching it. Why couldn’t she stay in this alternate reality? She looked up into his brilliantly blue eyes.

“Are you safe here?”

“Yes.” Breeze nodded quickly, knowing any hesitation would make him doubt her answer and maybe rush in and fight her battles for her. A man like Seth wouldn’t allow her to be in danger, but Ridge had brought this trouble on them. Seth didn’t need to get mixed up in it. She also sensed that a confident, impressive athlete like Seth would make any semi-sober and halfway lucid man in that house instinctively want to fight, and she didn’t want Seth to get in a fight for her. 

His eyes revealed his doubt in her response, but he didn’t press the issue. “I’m afraid I won’t see you again,” he said. 

She bit at her lip, knowing he wouldn’t, but maybe that was what he meant. He knew he’d never see her again. A pure, clean, and perfect man like this should never associate with the filth she was walking back into. Yet he was in the motocross crowd and from what she’d seen they could be rough, so maybe he knew exactly what she was walking back into. Maybe he was just letting her down gently. 

“Meet me here tomorrow night?” he asked.

Her eyes widened and her stomach took flight. Hope was a beautiful thing but also scary. She had no real hope of living in Seth’s world, yet she was desperate to see him again. He represented the goodness and light that she craved, especially in her current situation. She was indentured to Flint for the time being because of her misguided little brother, but she wasn’t his servant. She could’ve chosen to leave, but she wouldn’t do that to Ridge, so she’d gotten a leave of absence from her waitressing job and been grateful school was on break for the summer. Yet she was almost afraid to meet Seth again. Not only because she worried that if Flint or one of the other men from the house saw him that they might try to hurt him simply because they were idiots, but that she also had no right to be in his life. It wasn’t fair to either of them to pretend she could associate with someone like him. 

“Please,” his voice was deep and so appealing her knees felt weak and that beautiful hope took flight within her.


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