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Enchanting Romance!

Royal Imposter is out today! Our independent celebrity journalist stopped believing in happily ever after and fairy tales years ago, but one incredible crown prince is about to change her mind. I hope you love this new release as much as I do!



Sassy journalist meets crown prince, aka World’s Most Eligible Bachelor, who unfortunately doesn’t want to spill his secrets.

Sparks fly when Stella Watkins descends on Magna intent on securing the pinnacle article of her career. Prince Quinn isn’t sure if he should keep his distance or kiss her good and long. If he opens up to the irresistible reporter, he could ruin his kingdom by giving away secrets, or he might just find the next Queen of Magna.

Don’t miss this this fast-paced and sweet romantic comedy with a side of suspense by USA Today Bestselling author Cami Checketts.

From bestselling inspirational author Cami Checketts comes a new series full of romance, adventure, and family secrets.

The Hidden Kingdom Romances:

#1 - Royal Secrets

#2 - Royal Security

#3 - Royal Doctor

#4 - Royal Mistake

#5 - Royal Courage

#6 - Royal Pilot

#7 - Royal Imposter

#8 - Royal Baby

#9 - Royal Battle

#10 - Royal Fake Fiance

Find Royal Imposter here.


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