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Featuring Stephanie Fowers

Stephanie Fowers has been one of my favorite clean romance authors for years. My obsession with her books started with Robin and Marian and grew from there. You can download Robin and Marian free here!

Stephanie's Harvest Ranch series has been incredible. Check out the books and scroll below to learn more about incredible Stephanie!

Meet Stephanie Fowers!

I'm so excited to be on Cami Checketts' blog--I've been a fan of her work for a while, so to be asked to be featured this time around is absolutely an honor.

First off if you've ever read my books, you know that I AM A ROMANTIC! Yeah, it's pretty much impossible for me to write a book without sparks flying, BUT I also try to keep the pages from burning up. Lol--that's me saying I keep it clean ;-) I grew up on regency romances. My mom kept a big box of Barbara Cartland books under her bed; starting at age 12, I was shopping through all of her novels... and also stealing my older brother's Dragon Lance books (reading them all out of order until I figured out the concept of a series). Throw in the classics that I was forced to read through my whole career as a student and my love for Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Broadway, history classes and action movies, and you've got me! I've had some INTERESTING writing influences. Every once in a while, the Shakespeare and the classics come back to haunt me after my beta readers read my first drafts and tell me, "No, no... you cannot end this on a jaded note just because you think it's clever. You. Are. A. Romance. Writer. Rewrite!" Lol.

My journey as an author has taken some surprising turns--I started out writing fantasy. Ha! I know! I know! This comes as a surprise to those who only know me for my romances. But it might not come as a surprise to others who know that I REALLY like to throw adventure and suspense into my books, especially in the ones I've written lately. In my defense, my entertainment as a child was playing Robin Hood and Supergirl Triplets in the backyard and devising ways to get past the bad guys, so throwing a little excitement into my writing is a habit that I just don't want to break.

However, my favorite FAVORITE thing about writing lately came as a complete surprise to me when I entered the world of Christian fiction. Before, I used to have vague religious references here and there in my novels, but lately with my Harvest Ranch books and my Snowed-in ones, religious themes have played a major part in my writing. It's actually liberating. I'm not hiding anything about myself anymore with my books--you've got the romance, the adventure, and my reflections and thoughts about the tragedies and joys of life that--for me--bring my writing meaning. Typing up my stories has truly become an artistic expression for me, and I'm just getting started. Really, the only thing missing in my books is you. And more than anything, I hope you'll join me on my writing journey in the future :-)

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