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Giveaway, New Release, and a Free Book!

Today is the release day of His Cabin Invaded for Christmas. I love this fast-paced and touching clean Christmas romance and the personal connection I have to it. My dad loved to sing to us. As a little girl I absolutely loved it and would laugh and laugh at his funny songs. As a teenager I remember rolling my eyes sometimes. Now that my dad is gone I miss those songs horribly. I try to sing funny songs to my boys any time I think of it.

When one of my editors came up with the idea to add Ivy singing funny lines I was ecstatic. When Ivy lost her songs and then found them again (thanks to Ammon’s patience and magic touch) I cried right along with her.

I decided it would be fun to do 3 - $10 giveaways. Go to TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram and share your favorite one-liner from a song (you can enter and win on each site and you can use the same song line) and be entered to win. Giveaway ends Sunday night.

I hope you love this fun and heart-wrenching sweet romance. Thank you for reading.

Hugs and love,


Find His Cabin Invaded for Christmas here.

Fighting for Love is FREE! Find this sweet enemies to lovers romance here.


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