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Loving the Athlete

Don't miss this fun, flirty, and fast-paced romance!

A world-renowned athlete and a fugitive. When he falls for her will she let him protect her or will she keep running because it’s all she knows?

Sienna Nelson ran away from home to protect her family. She’s lived on her own for nine years and she doesn’t need help from anyone but heaven above. When Corbin Johns discovers her at one of his events can he convince her that she not only needs him, but that she also needs to love him?

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Reviewers are saying:

"Loved this story right away! Excitement was great, adventure, danger and suspense were fabulous! Loved the chemistry between Sienna and Corbin and his devotion to her was awesome! Amazing book!" Larae

"I love this story! I love how the high school friends now adults still are there for each other! Their lives have taken them in all different directions but they haven’t let that destroy their friendship. There is danger, love, and restoration in this story! You will love it!! Bring on the next book in this series!!" Susan

"I was so absorbed by this book that read it in about 4 hours. I am really enjoying the whole format. I really loved the last few chapters and if you wonder why you just have to read it to find out why. I highly recommend this book." Kylene


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