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Loving the Entertainer

A famous hotshot and the woman who devastated him.

Being famous isn’t enough for Sawyer, he has to make everyone around him famous. When his lifelong love Kate is finally free of her abusive husband can she learn to trust Sawyer and love him again or will his quest for fame be the very thing that keeps them apart?

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“Are you one of the best men you know?” Kate's young daughter asked Sawyer, looking up at him with innocent blue eyes.

“Well, um …” How could he answer that without coming across as too cocky or too humble?

Rich laughter spilled out of Kate.

Sawyer stumbled and quickly righted himself. He thought he’d remembered her laugh, but the memories didn’t do it justice. Her laugh was beautiful and rich and so Kate. His heart beat quicker.

“She got you,” Kate teased. “You can’t claim you are the best man because you’ll look cocky, but you’re not humble enough to say you’re not.” She grinned at him and he was thrust ten years into the past. That grin was the stuff men went to war over. Richard was gone, so Sawyer hadn’t gotten the chance to go to war and avenge her, but he would get to celebrate the victory with the perfect woman. He would sweep her off her feet, spin her around, and then kiss that teasing smile right off her face.

“You’re not the best man?” Carmen asked, horror evident in her wide blue gaze.

Kate’s laughter was gone so quick Sawyer almost wondered if he’d imagined it. Her face was completely serious. She stopped and bent to Carmen’s level. “Sawyer is a good man,” she reassured. “A great man. He’s one of Jake’s friends and he would never, ever hurt us.”

Sawyer’s heart seemed to fall to his feet. He stared between mother and daughter, and his stomach churned. Richard had disappeared in November and his father Phillip had been killed in March. Sawyer had been around briefly after Kate, Carmen, and Alisa got their freedom from the Lanza tyrants, but he’d headed back on tour not long after. He’d heard that Kate and Carmen had been abused and it had made him furious and sick, but to see the fear in that little girl’s eyes and to hear the seriousness in Kate’s tone …

Oh, man. He wasn’t sure if he was about to throw up from the nauseated feeling in his gut or storm off, find Richard Lanza, tear the man apart with his bare hands, then come back and assure Carmen that nobody would ever hurt her or her mom. Nobody.

His silly tease with the squirrel and protecting them should’ve fallen flatter than it did. Kate was not an innocent teenager any longer and Carmen had trust issues larger than Sawyer’s fake ego. For some reason, Carmen had laughed and seemed to like him. Could he show the child that many men were good and kind and would protect, respect, and love the women and children in their life, not control, use, or abuse them?

Did he even have the right to protect them? He didn’t know, and maybe it was too soon. He’d have to ask Jake’s therapist mom how long it would take for someone like Kate to heal. When would Kate be ready for a relationship? Richard had been arrested and then skipped bail and disappeared six months ago, but Phillip had only been killed two months ago. From what Sawyer understood, even after Richard was gone, Phillip had controlled Kate and Alisa and probably terrified Carmen with his constant unstated threats. Alisa seemed to be doing amazing, but she had Jake. Did Kate and Carmen need Sawyer, or did they need time to heal? Was he even the right fit for women who had been through what they had? He wasn’t the sensitive type. He was the show-off, the attention-grabber, the charmer, the fun one. Did they need somebody like him?

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