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Matchmaking the Model and the Beast

I absolutely love this fast-paced and swoon-worthy clean romance. Already a #1 bestseller for Christian Romance, Eva and Hayden's story is intense, sweet, and touching.

Look below for more details and a short excerpt.

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A supermodel and businesswoman in grave danger. The basketball star who can protect her, even if he can never love her.

Eva Canterbury, highly successful and famous model, has been targeted by a vicious crime lord who always hits his mark. When Sutton Smith asks her to marry the charming Hayden ’the Beast’ Warren, she is surprised to find that her celebrity crush has a huge grudge against her. As they embark on their honeymoon, Hayden seems to be falling for Eva as much as she is for him, but there’s an undercurrent of animosity radiating from him and she can’t figure out why.

Hayden Warren, hunky basketball superstar, has been recruited to protect none other than Eva Canterbury, the gorgeous woman who ripped out his innocent heart in college. He agrees to marry her as a favor to the friend who trained him in combat, but he is less than thrilled to face her again. Though Hayden is blown away at how kind and selfless Eva seems to be now, he is reminded of the hurt every time he looks at her. Their fake marriage starts out rocky and only goes downhill when they’re both kidnapped by the dangerous threat.

As Hayden puts everything on the line to defend Eva’s life, he realizes he must face the past. Can he find it in himself to forgive her and accept the woman she has become? Can Eva break through his grudge and convince him to give her a chance, or are they destined to die before discovering the truth?

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“Thanks a lot for the help with Trevor and coming out to meet me,” Eva hurled at him. It wasn’t even close to what she’d hoped to say to him, but she was frustrated and off her game. All flirtatious and funny lines of gratitude were shelved for the time being. Unless he had the excuse of the century.

Hayden lifted one eyebrow. He looked gloriously handsome with his smooth, tan skin, trimmed beard, those deep-brown soulful eyes shadowed with black lashes and brows, and his fit, tall, impressive body. He leaned casually against the doorframe with one shoulder and crossed his arms. His dark gray suit was obviously tailored for his tough frame. The silky material draped just right, revealing his broad shoulders.

“Eva Canterbury in the flesh. The most beautiful and successful woman of the century.” His voice was deep, with a smooth timbre. Cultured, intelligent, and as perfect as the rest of him. He almost sounded British like Sutton, but his suave pitch and inflection were definitely American.

She flushed at his words, yet there was something in his tone. He looked charming, the words were charming, but the look in his eyes said he was … uneasy around her. That made no sense.

“I was mentally practicing,” he continued, “first a right hook, then an uppercut, then it would’ve been lights out for Mr. Allred. I was planning it all out if he pushed things too far.” He lifted a hand to her. “Being the sassy, impressive, and accomplished supermodel and businesswoman that you are, you called the security guard off who was trailing you and easily took care of Trevor. You obviously didn’t need any help from little old me.”

“Thank you,” she managed. Another compliment. Maybe a compliment. She liked the slightly joking way he talked, but why did his words seem completely insincere? Why did he look at her as if she were a jaguar about to leap at him and rip out his throat? “I gestured to you twice. Why didn’t you come?”

His answer was of the utmost importance. She’d never wanted a man like she did this one. Being this close to him made him more enticing than ever, but he had to show some effort and interest.

“I have something to tell you, Miss Canterbury, and you should prepare yourself. This may come as a bit of a shock to you.”

“Eva,” she corrected. “What do you need to tell me?” She raised her eyebrows in what she hoped was a sassy yet alluring look. Please let it be something flirtatious, or at least a lead-in to playful banter. All her carefully constructed lines didn’t fit this conversation. He still had that wary look in his eyes and a carefully coiled appearance to his lean, fit frame. He wanted to sprint away from her. Why?

“Though I wish it could be different, and I pray you’ll forgive my impertinence …” His words were said in a teasing lilt, but that reluctance in his eyes and body concerned her deeply. “I can’t be expected to jump at a summons from you.”

“Why ever not?” she tried to tease back in the same smart-alecky yet formal tone, but something was dreadfully off with this interaction. Was it him or her? Disappointment filled her, thick and heavy.

“Deep-seated reasons that I absolutely refuse to divulge at this time.” He inclined his chin to her and stepped away.

She laughed at his odd answer, but she couldn’t let him just walk off. “Wait, please.” She held up a hand, scrambling to think how to salvage the interaction. This should’ve been an ideal meet-cute and instead it was looking to be a train wreck. “I was only hoping to officially meet you and thank you.”

“We’ve met,” he said, a smirk playing on his lips, but a storm brewed in his dark eyes.

They’d met? No, they hadn’t.

Her heart thumped painfully against her rib cage. Their first meeting was turning out nothing like she’d hoped.

“Believe me.” She forced a smile. “I’d remember meeting the Beast.”

“Believe me.” His smile grew larger, but his eyes were cold. “You obviously don’t.”

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