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My author friends

I have been so blessed with amazing friends in all aspects of my life. My author friends are no exception. They are kind, supportive, uplifting, and fun. We probably sound like crazy women as we talk about our characters as if they're real people. At one lunch with Lucy McConnell my husband and his friend ended up sitting with us. After about twenty minutes the friend said, "Please tell me the people they're talking about aren't real?" Stan laughed and said, "No, they all live in their heads." The friend said, "Oh, thank you, I was about ready to call the police!"

I'm so grateful for my amazing friends. We did a fun author event at Millcreek Library a week ago and Jennifer Youngblood's husband recorded it for us. Her awesome son, Auston, is our moderator. You can watch it here but just be prepared that I respond like a goofball half the time! I was too intrigued by my friends' responses to stop and think about what I was saying ;). Here's a picture of us below. Yes, I'm definitely lobbying for the next picture that I not be put on the end next to darling, tiny Sarah Gay.



Cami Checketts, Sarah Gay, Christine Kersey, Jennifer Youngblood, Cindy Roland Anderson, Lucy McConnell, Taylor Hart, and Kimberly Krey


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