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  • Cami Checketts

New Clean Romance Look & Giveaway

We've redone and updated the Quinn Family Romance. Yay! The new covers look amazing and all the covers and titles now flow together. Let me know what you think!

To celebrate I wanted to do a fun giveaway. $50 Gift Card and a hardcover copy of each of the new Quinn Romance Adventures. Please enter below or click here if the Rafflecopter isn't displaying properly.

If you've read the Quinn family already, will you read them again? The books are very similar so no need to purchase the new copies, unless you want them in your library.

I'm offering each book at $.99 during preorder and on release day and they'll all be available to borrow on Kindle Unlimited.

Hugs and thanks,


Find Devoted & Deserted on Amazon.

Find all the Quinn Romance Adventures on Amazon.

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