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New Release - Do Marry Your Billionaire Boss

Today's the day! It's fun and overwhelming to start a new series, all those new friends to get to know ;). This book was especially fun as I used my husband and I's anniversary trip to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean cruise that we went on with Sarah Gay, Jennifer Youngblood, and their husbands as the setting. I was able to use a lot of the activities that we did as well. I'm terrified of heights and am trying hard to conquer that fear. When you read about Jade doing the climbing wall, know that is exactly how it happened for me. It was embarrassing!  Please let me know what you think and thank you for all the incredible support. I'll post in some pictures below of our trip with our wonderful friends. Hugs, Cami


Secrets, love, and danger, this new clean romance by Cami Checketts has it all.

Excerpt: “Can I hold your hand in instances like snuba?” Joshua asked.

Jade pursed her lips and finally nodded.

“Can I put my hand on your lower back when we’re walking into dinner. You know, simply being a gentleman like my mother taught me?”

Jade imagined them walking into dinner: him in that button-down shirt that brought out the blue in his eyes, her in a fitted dress that made it impossible for him to keep his eyes off of her. He would look at her as if she was his world, like he was right now. Heat filled her, but she focused on friendship. Finally, she wouldn’t be alone.

“As a gentleman,” she finally admitted. “I can make those allowances.”

“What if you trip and I have to catch you in my arms?” He leaned closer, and her pulse raced. “And I have to pull you against my chest and hold you close, just to make certain you’re all right.” The look in his eyes said he knew exactly what he was doing to her.

Jade clutched her throat and gasped out, “Can’t … breathe.”

He grinned and leaned even closer. “I’m well-trained in mouth to mouth.”

She panted for air and tried to pretend he was teasing, “I’ll bet you are,” she flung at him.

He simply grinned. “So what about that circumstance?”

“I never trip, so I think we’ll be fine.”

He elevated one muscular shoulder and she wished she dare tell him to put his shirt back on so she wouldn’t be so tempted to ogle his perfect body, but that would reveal exactly how drawn she was to him.

“Hmm. But what if …” His grin was so tempting, and she wanted so badly to kiss that dimple. “What if we’re on a late-night stroll on the front part of Deck Thirteen and it’s quiet and we’re alone, and what if you can’t stand it anymore and you grab me, wrap your arms tight around my back—”

“Stop,” Jade begged, so hot she was sweating. It had to be the tropical sun. But they were in the shade. The humidity, then.

“And you simply can’t resist going onto tiptoes and kissing me.”

Jade glared at him. “That … will … not … happen.” But she could imagine it happening. Oh, how she could imagine it. And she let her eyes rove over his delectable-looking lips before meeting his gaze again. “Never,” she reiterated in a weak voice that she hated.

Joshua’s smile said he knew exactly how affected she was by him, and he was going to capitalize on it.



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