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New Release - Don't Love an Army Ranger


Oh my I have been so stoked for this day! Happy release day to my friends Nick and Mary. I love them! My husband keeps trying to convince me that the characters in my books aren't real people. Crazy man ;).  I hope you love this story as much as I do! Thanks as always for being such amazing supporters of my books. Hugs, Cami


An honorably discharged vet searching for peace. A savvy businesswoman hiding from her psychotic ex. Will he save her, or will she be the one doing the rescuing?


“What about you?” She tried to steer the conversation off of herself. “Still in the Army … Rangers was it?”

Nick cocked an eyebrow and folded his arms across his chest. His short-sleeved shirt advertised some incredible bicep and tricep muscles, but his right sleeve slid up a bit as he folded them, and she glimpsed more angry scarring, similar to what was on his cheek and neck. How far did it go? She hated that Nick had been wounded. He’d always been so friendly and kind to everyone. Nothing could wipe the smile off this guy’s face. The damage obviously went much deeper than his skin and made her hurt for him.

“Retired,” he said with a grimace that made her hurt even more.

“By choice?” she dared to ask.

He shook his head shortly, but then his smile appeared again. “Hey, I’m Gavin’s new marketing director, because Ella is having a baby and so sick she can’t get out of bed.”

“Congrats, and sympathies, to Ella.”

He chuckled. “For sure. Luckily she married Trey Nelson, and he’s the most patient and happy person I know. He’s taking good care of her.”

“That’s sweet. I always liked Trey. I remember my mom saying they got together.” She looked him over again. “But you’re the most patient and happy person I know.”

His smile got tighter. “You need to get out more.”

Mary laughed. She’d gotten out plenty.

“Anyway, I stink at marketing. Poor Gav, he thinks he has to employ me since I’m family and virtually unemployable.” His smile all but disappeared. Mary had always imagined Nick would be career military, but he’d been forced to retire far too young. Now he was floundering, needing to find his spot. That would be tough.

“Could you give me some tips?” Nick continued.

Her stomach did a little dance. Tips, as in a date? Yes, sign me up, she wanted to scream. Maybe coming home wasn’t the chicken thing to do but a smart move. Finally, she was on Nick Strong’s radar. Who cared about stupid Blake with a man like Nick around?

“What kind of tips?” she managed to ask.

“Marketing tips.”

“Oh, um, sure.” Disappointment filled her. Nick wanted marketing tips. She had plenty and didn’t mind helping him, but … marketing tips? 


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