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New Release - Her Loyal Protector


Today is the day! I've been so excited to share this new book with you. I hope you all love it as much as I do. It's deeper than some I've written but the payoff and the anguish they go through is so worth it in the end. Oh, my. I get tingles just thinking about it ;).  Hugs, Cami


Pregnant, alone, and suddenly a billionaire, Kaytlyn Klein has to trust the tough, too-attractive former military specialist, Cameron Bodily, or risk losing more than just her fortune and her charitable foundation. Fast-paced, intense, and thought-provoking this new clean romance by Cami Checketts will have you laughing and crying.


Kaytlyn Klein rushed through the wide halls of Jacob Tarbet’s mansion. She’d worked for Jacob for almost ten years now, though for the past five he’d treated her more like a partner than an employee. He’d found her waiting tables in his hometown of Sun Valley, where she’d been scraping by just trying to earn enough money to ski on the weekends. Jacob had become a regular customer. Then he’d seen her buying lunch for a family whose child had just been diagnosed with leukemia. He hired her as his personal assistant on the spot, paid for her online bachelor’s degree in business, and taught her how to run his businesses and how to be poised and classy. He was the smartest, most generous, and most selfless person she knew. Jacob and his daughter, Jessica, were Kaytlyn’s closest friends. Horrifically, Jacob was dying. Kaytlyn was also expecting Jessica’s baby, a surrogate for Jessica and her husband, Peter. It still felt foreign to be pregnant and she touched her abdomen, awed that a small life rested inside. She knew she’d be attached to the little one, like a favorite aunt, but she found herself wishing, and sometimes believing, it was her own baby she carried. She forced those thoughts away quickly when she had them. What a blessing it was for Kaytlyn to be able to help someone she loved so much achieve their goal of being a mother.  As she approached Jacob’s suite, she startled when a man stepped forward from the nook of the suite’s doorframe, his handsome face lit with a soft smile. Her heart pounded so hard, she worried she would have heart failure and this fabulous specimen of a man would have to resuscitate her. She smiled to herself. Not a bad idea at all.  “Good morning, Cameron,” she said, winking at him. She loved to tease the ever-tough military man, and she was happy that she could still tease despite the heaviness pressing down on her. Cameron was serious and dedicated to his job of protecting Jacob, but there was a mischievous glint in his eyes that intensified when he met Kaytlyn’s gaze. She’d heard a couple of funny quips slip past his lips too, and if she could get him away from his protection detail, he might be really fun. For almost two years now, she’d been deftly flirting with him, but he hadn’t asked her out … yet. “Morning, Kaytlyn.” His too-blue eyes drew her in, and she stopped in front of him instead of hurrying into Jacob’s suite to check in with her boss as she did every morning. “I’ve been thinking.” “Dangerous pastime,” she joked. He grinned. “I’ve got plenty of those. I’m hoping I can add another.” “What’s that?” “Taking you to dinner tonight.” Kaytlyn bit at her lip and tilted her head. Her long blond hair slid across her shoulder. “That might be dangerous for me,” she kept her tone teasing so he’d know she admired his well-built body and wasn’t afraid of him. She wanted to go to dinner with him, badly. She was only a month along and wouldn’t show for a while now. Would Cameron think she was crazy to carry her friend’s child or would he think it was admirable? Would he still want to date her when she started showing?  “No, I’d be the only one in danger.” He lowered his voice and murmured, “Of losing my heart.” Kaytlyn’s own heart thudded wildly. She couldn’t believe this tough military man had just said that. Instead of admitting that she was already much too invested in him, she said, “I don’t know nearly enough about you.”   Cameron’s eyebrows rose. “You hired me. I’d think you know plenty about me.” She had indeed hired him and four other ex-military security specialists from an entity out of California run by philanthropist Sutton Smith. While the men were all tough and competent, only Cameron had drawn her eye in the past two years; he tried to stay in the shadows when he was on duty to protect her billionaire boss, yet she never failed to notice him. Cameron’s presence was larger than life, from his well-built body to the strong, handsome planes of his face to the intelligent, humorous spark in his blue eyes. He couldn’t hide in the shadows, nor anywhere else. Though he was a soldier through and through, it was obvious that he was meant to be a leader. “I know you graduated from West Point, spent almost ten years in the Army, took two tours in Afghanistan and one in Kuwait, and achieved the rank of sergeant before you retired three years ago and started working for Sutton Smith.” Cameron nodded, as stoic as ever, but there was a welcoming light in his blue eyes. “See? You know plenty about me.” “Do I?” She took a large step closer. She knew Cameron was trustworthy—the fact that her body automatically drew toward him was proof. He didn’t step back, instead leaning a little closer. He was interested. Yes! She hadn’t dated much since high school graduation, choosing to work hard and spend her free time on the slopes in the winter and hiking in the summer. She’d gone on dates sometimes and traveled the world with Jacob, but no man had really caught her eye until she hired Cameron. Kaytlyn said, “I don’t know what your favorite food is, where your family lives, what sports you like to play, or what you like to do on dates.” A smile played around Cameron’s lips, and his eyes were dancing. “How are you going to find out those things?” She breathed in deeply; she was close enough that she could smell his clean, crisp scent. “When we go to dinner tonight, I’ll be able to ask all kinds of questions.” Cameron’s smile lit up his face, and Kaytlyn’s eyes widened. She’d always thought he was handsome. When his full smile came out, he was the most irresistibly appealing man she’d ever come across. “Six?” was all he asked, but that smile told her everything she needed to know.Keep Reading


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