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Only Her Smokejumper Firefighter

I'm so stoked about this new release! I'm also in mourning because this is the second to last of my Mystical Lake Resort Romances and I don't want to say goodbye! I absolutely love this family, especially Grams, and this magical setting.

Ren and Mavyn's story was funny and romantic yet deeply touching to me. Mavyn has to learn to forgive herself and I struggle with that as well.

Thanks for being so incredible and loving these characters and stories with me.

Hugs and thanks,


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A sassy writer and a tough smokejumper. An instant connection flames into a love never to be replicated, but Cora's past will destroy their happiness quicker than a forest fire. Good thing Ren has never let his world burn down before, and he's not about to start now.

Can Ren's firefighter prowess translate into saving their smoldering hearts?


Mavyn Vance walked through the smokejumper base camp near Muir Woods north of San Francisco. It was a warm, early August evening. The air in the forest was thick with smoke and sadness. Every charred tree told a story. Her stomach churned thinking of her beloved woods going up in flames. She would include the desperation and sorrow she sensed here in her article, but she had to remember her main focus—an inside look at smokejumpers. Several whistled as she walked past. She glanced their way with a flirtatious smile. She teased and flirted with many handsome men, but she was fiercely determined to never let one into her heart. When she was eighteen, she’d lost her innocence and her desire to ever trust a man. She couldn’t revive the former and didn’t plan on reinstating the latter.

She stopped in her tracks as a man in the tan suit of a smokejumper walked toward her with determined strides, helmet in hand. The power and confidence he radiated screamed, This one’s worth paying attention to.

“Excuse me,” he said, stopping a foot away and glancing over her. There was interest in that gaze but also frustration. He didn’t want her here. His blue eyes were piercing and his handsome face and strong build should’ve been on posters for Hot Smokejumpers Are Us. “What are you doing here?”

She laughed to ease the tension. She knew she was out of her element and looked it in a flirtatious sundress and heels. Her black curls were wild and big as ever, her makeup done to perfection to highlight her smooth brown skin, full lips, and unique green eyes.

She’d been in sticky situations many times, and always turned the situation to her favor. “I’m out of my element, aren’t I?”

He relaxed and actually grinned. A slight dimple appeared in his left cheek. “We’re definitely not used to seeing beauty like yours pop up on the trail to the helipad.”

She smiled. “And I wasn’t expecting a smokejumper who looks more like a male model.”

He shook his head as if her compliment didn’t matter to him. “The pretty boy face is a farce. I’m tougher than I look.”

“You definitely look tough as well as pretty,” she admitted.

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