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Romancing the Mountain

Thank you for all the support over the years! I'm thrilled to announce that today my 100th book is out. It's been a fun but sometimes rocky and up and down journey to finding success as a sweet romantic suspense author. How fitting that my 100th book would be about a journey through the mountains!

I could never have accomplished 100 books without all of you!

Hugs and love,


An ex-Navy SEAL hiding a crush on the billionaire's executive assistant. When they're stuck on a mountain trying to help a hilarious complainer win half a million dollars, will they fall in love or fall off a cliff?

Ace Fuller has a huge crush on Emerald Taylor but he knows the beauty is so far out of his league it's laughable. When she comes on a weeklong hiking adventure with him he is thrilled to have a chance with her. When he finds out she's been in a relationship with billionaire Axel Dexter for over four years his hopes are crushed.

Can Ace and Emerald overcome misperceptions and a dangerous week in isolation to find the love of a lifetime?

Find Romancing the Mountain on Amazon.


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