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Royal Baby

I hope you all love this intense, fun, and inspiring new romance! I had so much fun writing Royal Baby and found myself laughing and crying. Reagan shares movie quotes all the time and it just made me chuckle. Here is what reviewers are saying:

"Oh my, where do I start? I think this was my favorite, although they've all been excellent. Kingston was just so awesome, and Reagan was so perfect for him!! Great chemistry! loved the movie lines! This was such a fun, good read, I would recommend it to anyone and everyone who loves good clean books. Can't wait for the next one, and will be sad to see this series end !"

"This whole series is incredible. This particular book had me tearing up at the 30% mark. Normally if, and that is a big if an author can get me to tear up, its close to the end once the characters have played out. But Cami has the deep feelings of this passionate couple pulling at your heart strings right out of the gate. Excellent book!"

Find Royal Baby here!


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