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The Royal Pilot!

Royal Pilot is out today and I have to say that I knew I'd love the easy-going, smiling Treck's story but I had no idea how much I'd adore Haven and her funny quips peppered with British slang. I also didn't know how intense this story would get. It was so much fun to write. I hope you love it too. Hugs,



Treck spoke, and she blinked, unable to believe the gorgeous island was still there in real life. “I’m low on fuel right now, but I could be persuaded to give you an airplane tour and a Humvee tour of the island while you’re here.” There was something cautious in his voice. Had this incredible man been hurt or rejected? No. She couldn’t believe that was possible.

Haven turned to him, loving that slow grin on his face and the sparkle in his dark eyes. “Could you truly? I want to see it all and experience it all.” Her whimsical dreams were about to come true. She’d been a fanciful child and of course loved fairy tales and the thought of handsome princes. Treck was more handsome than any prince she’d ever seen.

She looked back at the island as they swooped down. The Canary Islands had nothing on this. Nothing except her friend Blaire who was in the devil’s grasp. She prayed for Blaire and then focused on Treck. “I am gobsmacked, truly. England is beautiful and green, but this blinding place looks like something out of my dreams. Thank you for offering to give me a tour.”

His grin broadened, and she wondered if she’d dream about him tonight.

Then his smile disappeared as he said, “I hope no one ever smacks you.”

“What?” Her throat tightened. Did he know? Thomas had never hit her, only pulled out the gun when she supposedly broke his heart, but two boyfriends previous to him? Jamison… he had hit her. She’d run fast from him and barely restrained her dad, mum, and little brother from chasing him down with the kitchen shears. She had reported it to the authorities, gotten a restraining order, and it was on Jamison’s record, so if a woman was smart enough to Google him, she’d see it.

“Gobsmacked?” he teased.

“Oh.” She laughed uneasily. “I get it. Ha.”

“I’m uneducated in British slang.”

They swooped closer to the town, castle, and church. Farmers’ fields stretched out below them and the ocean was on their left, a beautiful sandy beach a ribbon along it. It seemed impossible for so much gorgeousness to exist in one place, and that included the handsome pilot bringing her here. “I could educate you,” she offered.

“Sounds like the best offer I’ve ever had.”

The plane dropped quickly and her stomach lifted, whether from the plane’s descent or his words she couldn’t be sure. It wasn’t an offer like an “offer.” She was simply being friendly.

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