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The Steele Brothers - Available Now

📷Thanks for all the amazing support of this series! It's hard to finish with a family's stories and have to move on. I always love each of my characters like they're my best friends, but like a lot of you Lottie Steele has a special place in my heart. I loved patterning her after my adorable niece, Lexi, who brings light and happiness to all of us that are blessed to know her. Sweet Lexi has started using a CPAP and as you can imagine it's not much fun to keep it on at night. Her angelic mother told me they read Lexi's book (Her Dream Date Boss) to distract her and keep the mask on while she falls asleep. I just love them! Thanks again for the support, Cami 📷📷

A charming billionaire, a woman hiding behind her big glasses and frumpy shirts, and their dream date gone extremely wrong.

Review of Her Dream Date Boss:

"I absolutely loved this book and wish I could give it more than 5 stars! Mae and Slade's story was just so cute and witty and I was probably grinning most of the time while reading it. Just like Slade's sister, Lottie, said: their story is a little bit "Sleepless in Seattle" and a little bit "The Princess Diaries". Ah, man, it was just So. Good." April Hogue, Amazon Reviewer

A football hero, a marketing genius with a purpose, and the tropical island that will either make or break them.

Review of The Stranded Patriot "You hit it out of the park with this one. I even think you addressed all my insecurities and lot of other women’s. Such a great book. We need more." Kylene Roberts, Amazon Reviewer

A free spirit happy to wander, a warrior destined to protect, and the devious woman who could destroy them both.

Review of The Committed Warrior: "I love Lily. She’s independent, feisty, and caring. Gunner is the BEST! He is serious and determined. He’s protective. But not controlling. He’s willing to let Lily be who she is and learn to fight for a cause. The chemistry between them is awesome. I love a man who is confident, but respectful enough to use self control when he should. And I love a fun, flirty woman who will accept people for who they are. If you want action, suspense, and romance, this is the book for you!" Joan Archibald, Amazon Reviewer

An extreme sports athlete desperately in love; an independent woman afraid to trust. Can they both let go of their fears and embrace their future? 

Review of Extreme Devotion: "Once again, Cami gives us a page turner... could not put it down! This has been a beautiful series about family and finding love that could only come from Jesus. Amazing story of two people who love each other in spite of all the dangers. Finally, their love is tested, and they have to decide how much they can surrender. Lottie was the thread throughout the series that reminded me of the everlasting love of Christ. Thank you, Cami!" Beach Girl, Amazon Reviewer


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