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The Crown Prince and the Traitor

Crown Prince Tristan's story is finally here! Don't miss out on this fast-paced and romantic story.

A prince with the weight of the kingdom on his shoulders. The love of his life that disappeared. Can Prince Tristan rescue his love and his country, or will he have to choose between them?

Jennifer Shule, only daughter of Augustine's prime minister, disappeared the day after Queen Anne was murdered. Hiding in remote villages and teaching children English has been a great reprieve for Jenn, but when her mum is kidnapped by the vicious William Rindlesbacher, she defies her dad’s plans to keep her safe and returns to Augustine in secret. Now her dad is missing as well. There’s only one man she trusts and loves, but he got engaged to another woman four months after she left. Can she trust Prince Tristan after he betrayed their love? Does she have any other choice?

Crown Prince Tristan August has only ever loved one woman. But when Jenn dumped him and disappeared after his mum was murdered, he knew he'd never love again. Tristan tries to focus on his family, his country, and his responsibilities, and pretend that he’s okay. He uses his humor to relieve his increasing stress and ignore the pains of his heart. When Jenn appears again, like the angel of his every dream, he wants to fight for their true love and prove to her that love can conquer all odds. But his country is in danger and Tristan isn’t sure he can trust anyone with the Rindlesbachers infiltrating every corner. Tristan wonders if Jenn is truly on his side, or being used as a pawn.

Will Jenn and Tristan’s true love find a way or will the evil infiltrating Augustine tear them apart?

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