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Unafraid by Eddie Penney and Keith Wood

I am honored to feature Unafraid by Eddie Penney and Keith Wood today.

When Keith reached out to me and asked some advice on the Christian publishing market I told him I'd read their book and get back to them.

I was so inspired, uplifted, and touched by the book I told my entire family they had to read it immediately. I wanted to share the book with all of you but I was a little reluctant because of some language that I felt some of my audience would find offensive. Honestly it was very minimal compared to what I'm sure a Navy SEAL hears every day, but I felt impressed to wait before promoting the book.

I stewed about it and then one day my boys asked me to buy David Goggins book. I told them there was no way I was buying a book for them that had foul language in it. They said, "There's a clean version." It was a lightbulb moment for me. A clean version. Why hadn't I thought of that?

I reached out to Keith immediately and asked if he and Eddie would be willing to do a 'clean version'. I was afraid they'd think I was being a prude or worrying too much about a few words that most readers wouldn't even notice. It would mean extra work for them and they are both busy dads, husbands, entrepreneurs, and Christians. Imagine my surprise when they were amazing and readily agreed to 'scrub' the book of any offensive words and get back to me. I'm so grateful for both of them!

Now I get the privilege of recommending Unafraid to all of you!

Eddie Penney is a true American hero and a Christian whose journey will touch your heart, bring you to tears, and inspire you to want to rise above mediocrity with the Savior's strength and light. Keith Wood does an incredible job of sharing Eddie's incredible and uplifting journey.

I hope you absolutely love the book! If you want the 'clean version' make sure you look for 'Young Adult Version' on the cover.

Hugs and thank you for always supporting and lifting me.



Find Unafraid: Staring Down Terror as a Navy SEAL and Single Dad (Young Adult Version) on Amazon - Ebook - Audio - Print

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Hot Wash noun: The review held after military training and real-world operations facilitating growth and improvement; an honest evaluation of strengths and weaknesses

As a special operator in the US Navy's most elite unit and actively engaged in the Global War on Terrorism, Eddie Penney had achieved his childhood dream. He was the tip of the nation's spear, prepared for anything-except for becoming a single parent of three young children.

Eddie learned powerful lessons from the roles of warrior and father. In Unafraid, he shares his story, insight gained, and the truths exposed when you reflect, regroup, and commit to personal growth. You'll read about life as a Navy SEAL and the adolescent aspirations that led Eddie toward a military life, as well as the painful challenges that left him a single father with sole custody. You'll learn that old wounds-both seen and unseen-can heal, and redemption is always possible. Whether these struggles feel familiar or you're searching for inspiration, Unafraid is a must-read memoir revealing that each of us has a warrior within.

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