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New Christmas Romance

I'm thrilled to share the first book in the new Christmas in Augustine sweet romances! This magical and romantic kingdom is the perfect spot for Christmas and to fall in love. I hope you love the books!

Happy reading,


Find The Royal Captain and the Designer on Amazon. Borrow with Kindle Unlimited.

Excerpt: The Royal Captain and the Designer:

“You will stay away from Private Brad Rivera. Do you understand me?” Levi's voice was far too harsh, but she had to understand how serious this was.

“Excuse me?” Faith sprang to her feet and shoved at his chest. It didn’t budge him, but it did distract him. Her small hands touching him was far too distracting. “You aren’t in charge of me, Captain Levi Favor.”

Faith, as a rule, seemed to be sweetness personified and all things angelic and good. Currently, her blue eyes were sparking fire at him even more intensely than when she’d protested at the castle last week that she wasn’t a child. He knew she was all woman. Oh, how he knew it.

Levi wrapped his hands around hers and gave a slight tug. With a gasp, she stumbled into his space. He released her hands and held her hips to steady her. The way it felt to touch her and be this close wasn’t steadying at all to him. His head was in the clouds and his gaze was focused on her lips.

“Levi?” she whispered.

“Yes?” he whispered back.

“I just fired at you that you aren’t in charge of me. You should probably respond.”

His eyes darted to hers. She could see clear through him. She knew he was jealous of her touching Brad and that he wanted her all to himself.

Releasing her was a Herculean effort, but he did it. He sidestepped and then retreated. A good soldier knew when he was beaten and the only hope was to retreat, strategize, and renew the fight from a different angle, preferably with better weaponry and backup.

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