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Impossible Rapids
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Impossible Rapids

Book Eight

Chance for Charity

A grieving, misunderstood billionaire. The woman who has secretly loved him. Will a perilous rafting adventure reveal their hidden feelings and give them a chance at happiness together?

Shawn Holister, the Viking Warrior, has been Mercedes Belle’s protector and fake boyfriend for years. When Mercedes dies, he’s left alone to grieve, protect her father from devious cousins, and figure out how to be a new billionaire. Julie Pandoran, Mercedes’ assistant and best friend, is his only hope to survive—and she is completely off-limits. If only he hadn’t secretly loved her the past three years.

Julie Pandoran has spent the past three years making all of Mercedes Belle’s ideas happen, watching Mercedes date Shawn Holister, and harboring a secret crush on the Viking Warrior. Now that Mercedes has left them behind, Julie has to focus on lifting Shawn and Mercedes’ dad, and finishing the Chance for Charity reality television shows. When Mercedes schemes from beyond the grave to force her and Shawn on a rafting adventure for the final show, how is Julie going to hide her feelings for her dear friend’s grieving boyfriend?

When the river rafting trip turns from bad to worse, will the dangers force Shawn and Julie to realize how much they need each other and where their true loyalties lie?


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