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Impossible Treasure
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Impossible Treasure

Book One

Chance for Charity

A sassy woman who will do anything for her charity. A former Special Ops captain with nothing left to live for. Paired together against impossible odds, they will discover if love is strong enough to conquer the most difficult test of all.

Brylee Auburn, a spunky sweetheart from rural Texas, works to keep immigrant children safe from traffickers. When offered a chance to earn a million dollars for her charity, she enters a reality tv show planning to pretend she’s brave and use her sense of humor to get through the intimidating challenges. What she didn’t plan on was Cash, her handsome ex-military teammate, who not only gets her sense of humor, but surrounds her with his strength. Brylee is overwhelmed with Cash’s genuine care. He makes her believe she truly is brave and, unlike her former fiancé, Cash will be there for her, no matter what. Brylee didn’t come on the show looking for love, but wonders if she may be given a second chance at happiness after all.

Captain Cash Trapper, elite Special Ops officer, has put his heart and soul into his military service. But unexpected developments have forced him to retire from his unit early. He has no family, no hope, and no desire to form any emotional attachments. The only reason he has agreed to compete in a reality show is to raise a million dollars for his Healthy Life gyms which pair vets as mentors for at-risk youth. Cash’s adorable partner for the challenge, Brylee, takes him by surprise with her humorous accents and unique personality. He feels irresistibly drawn to this woman who makes him laugh, breaks through his walls, and feels so right in his arms. The more time he spends with Brylee working through the obstacles, the more he feels himself yearning for a future with her that can never be.

Can Brylee and Cash conquer the impossible challenge to help their charities? Will the truth about Cash’s future destroy Brylee or is their love able to overcome insurmountable odds?


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