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Impossible Sail
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Impossible Sail

Book Three

Chance for Charity

A retired Navy SEAL with an amputated leg. A brave woman willing to do anything to help her charity succeed. A risky sail through rough waters could either give them a second chance or take their lives.

Captain Eli Grant, a captain of the elite and secretive Delta Force, was on a rescue mission when he lost his leg and was given irrefutable proof that his angel girlfriend was cheating on him. He had never doubted Livvy or her love. Now he has to face civilian life without her or his mobility.

Livvy Benedict, a dedicated school teacher, loves Eli with all her heart. While Eli is away on a special op, Livvy learns that Eli has been in a severe accident and lost his leg. And that’s the last thing she hears of him. When all her attempts to find Eli fail, she throws her energy and her heart into developing a charity to help vets who have lost limbs, trying to keep busy enough to block out the pain of Eli’s desertion.

One year later, Livvy receives a generous offer to compete on a reality TV show for her charity, and is paired with none other than Eli Grant, her love who disappeared. Livvy’s shock and elation is short-lived, however, when she sees that instead of being overjoyed at their reunion, Eli is fuming.

Stuck together on a small boat, the storm that rises and threatens to drown them isn’t as fierce as the storm raging inside their hearts and minds. Will Livvy and Eli be able to drop their pride, beg for forgiveness, and have a second chance at love, or will their misunderstanding and pain be buried with them at sea?


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